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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 15, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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but that is a bombshell at the good of flood -- a the end of the discussion. we will continue to monitor the fallout from all of these scandals. we will see you then. . gerri: awaiting a statement from preside obama on any minute for the scandal of the irs just by dezhnev, it's the agency gave the liberal groups a pass and how much scrutiny was given too conservative toarty groups of this when the irs once more pow, emplees and a bigger budget. rich jensehas been following this story all week long and this is an extraordinary scandal that involves a white housend the president obviously he will want to contain this quickly. >> absolutely. this is not a briefing room statement it is happening in
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the st rooto get it of much more presidential feeling and st aft a meeting with secretary lew the internal revenue servicc is part of the treasury department and they say the esident called the meeting to discuss the next u for the irs of president has failed to outline much of a response other than describe for a tax-exempt status outrageous and unspecified consequences perhaps we will hear precisely what those consuences are we here for e acting commissioner miller to resign and the inspector general found out and failed to give congress a complete picture but t same report sayse director of exempt organizations of june 2011 anrepublicans are calling for a special prosecutor. we will see what the
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presidenlast tuesday. but as the white house as moves over the last few years, not on time. gerri: of course we will break ay we are just waitg for his movement to the podium. the president and his press secretary both referredo the ira's as an independent agency which is intesting because it is part of the federal reserve now run by jack lew even questns ababout him. he was a political operative for the presint now running treasury. does this put an additional spotlight on him? >> the has been a otlight on the irs for years and used as the political tool. there are a number of different organizations, the deal lustful operating under the labor department whether they are career officials or
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known as non-political folks and theyre career people or analyst that process tax reforms and tax returns or thin of that nature. how much of that of a political influence that are not supposed to be politica for me time. gerri: we will have additional responsibilities th obamacare. the irsas almost 90,000 a bigger budget than the fda, fbi, and this is a ggoup of people to be reckoned -- reckoned with. as people sit back with the bureaucracy and the irs says the attorneys graduating from law school is the ggest law firm in the
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country. the irs has a huge response ability when it comes the prident's health care lot and charged with enforcing the individual mandate, the requirement that forces almostverybody to have health insurance or pay a fine. d are unlike any oftheir organizations in charge of implementing obamacare. depends on the consequences. it is responsible for enforcing obamacare who else would enforce ? so it could fall apart if the irs was not involved too enforce that provision. >> key and billing the scrutiny they gave conservative groups we could not contr them with these groups and labo doing thi
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on their own but cincinnati is the center of the focus of all of these groups were these operations come from too fat groups for the tax-free status. the people who do better bad in cincinnati what does that tellyou and what are they reading into those facts tonight? >> the irse clean moment with the head of the department said passively at a speech to give a detailed phone conference to say was just a few employees and we found out about it and we have resolved that but since then we have any mail from the treasurynspector general report that basically th information shows senior folks including the director found out about this all the way back in june of 2011 back in 2010 is when it started.
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the commissioner of the irs now the acting commissioner found out about this may may 2012 and will be questioned on capitol hill about this over the past few months and a couple of years and failed to devil to how deep this when and how much they kw those a visit to the questions also notable in thi treasury report it doesn't say who develop the guidelin that said look at tea party and conservative groups. it does say they were acted upon but not something investigators e looking for. >> we have nothing at hand for this minute to say came from the a mistration or the white house. >> there is no link currently or no indication the white use told the irs or anyone within the
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administration to do this. we don't know who d developed this criteria but there is evidence pointing to the white house. >> i heard as mcdonnell talk about this and she says typically it tes a long time to figure out what happened but just to remind lk were waiting on the president who will address the of public to talk about the i.r.a. scandal that has developed inhich the irs scrutinizes conservative groups with tax-exempt service asking pernal questions. who are you meetg with and for how long? how much of the time? details that people consider ininterested now the preside will probably speak for about five minutes. it is unclear if he will takeuestions fm a the media but he does intendo addrs this very important issue.
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we were taing about the treasury ig repo 108 approve, 20 was drawn and 160 are still open and some of them threeyears. that is slow action ev for government work. >> the rert states that progressive groups were passed through t process normally and applications were completed. but for conseative groups the applications were put on hold and that one or two election cycles some of these groups who were able to do get tax-exempt status the irs is askng for more informatn then they had progssive groups to not process the application to move hem through.
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gerri: hang tight we're waiting for the prident to take the podium but i want to bring in america and enterprise instite and heritage foundation, a welcome to both. you have been calling for the president and the irs. do we have both of them? glad to have you. thank you for joining us i amurious what you think the president needs to do in this press conference what does he need to talk about? when he comes in we will break away. >> ere needs to be a change of the leadership of the irs. it is unacceptable for the head of the irs and the acting commissionero not inform congress of these problems, not to inform the head of treasury of these
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problems. %-a federal agency as powerful as the irs. gerri: we don't know a fellow happen tonight we are awaiting word f the president to deliver wat will be a five minute tall. disorganization, theoutfit outfit, the bureaucracy that ha grown, is it out of control? >> clearly it is here because they keep saying low level employees started this in the ohio office but it is also very clear fro the ig reporthat supervisors and magers including people in washington that were infoed about this and they still did not stop the change it. even today there are dozens of organizations that have not been granted exemption status despite the ig report
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despite the apology from the irs. gerri: now we will bring in alan. hans called fo a change in leadership. is that what needs to he been? >> that may be necessary. we will have to get more cts as to who knew what and when there needs to be steps for the future for congress to lay down clear guidelines as to how much mpaign activity the five '01 c for canning gauge and. it is jusan open invitation for the irs to be more strict on some groups andothers this is very dangerous when you deal with campaign activity. gerri: we have been pouring through this material and there is 29 different 501 and tax-exet corporations it is confusing and hard to undersnd and the bureaucracy is out of
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control. , a regular person cannot figure it out. of the situation we nd to simplify? is that part of the problem? >> i think its. the number of tax exempt categories is extensive and down to be some consolidion we could do. there is a lot of confusion what roles the different organizations have and the five '01 c4 does not get tax-deductible contributions the way the 501c3 but it does the tax on eir own and come in don't have to discse their donors. gerri: again warr waiting for the president who will speak tonight on the irs scandal for about five minutes is what we are told and we are awaiting that in the meantime let's get back to hans of much use phrases in the infamous ig report
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they use phrases like inappropriate criteria and substantia delays to describe how the i.r.a. is processed some of the applications for this status and what does that tell you about thisgen and bureaucracy? have a hard time believing these employees are so incompetent they didn't realize that many questions they were asking like who are your donors h nothing to do with qualifying for this exemption. that right there is a real problem in this story we are getting out of the irs. and the delays they had no problems with progressive groups gettinguickly improve -- approved including a charity set up by the presidenent's half-brother that got through it in just one month
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gerri: i heard that this morning. this morning i spoke to the investigatory journalism alphabet journalist in new york city had them and they had a standing request or the dark pools of mon in one day appeared materls submitted to the irs by some of the two-party groups that had not been apoved. in other words, what would appear to be private information. they are not clear if it was a misttke or intentional. what do you make of that information, alan? >> i am not famillar with that incidence or should not speak to at specifically but it does illustrate something else to be investiged. we don't just have that we now have a lawsuit by the naonal organization for marriage which hadthe irs tax returns also illegally
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disclosed to someone who was a major fund-raiser for the president and we have clear evidencehis came out of the irs because the stamps were on the document. that is a pattern and practice of illegal behavior gerri: witing for the presidt to take the podium he will talk about where coervative anti-party groups were targeted for application for tax-exempt status. the irs is a very very strong and large orgazation. the 2012 budget is bigger than the ep, fda, fbi, at 89,000 employees and is expected to add 2,000 more they tke on obamacare. alan, what does this mean for the work that the irs is supposed to do with obamacare?
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>> anything with this scandal is bound to erode public trust they will be getting additional powers soon to punish people for needs to be done and laydown stanrds that need to be objective as possible so it will refuse up power for political ends. gerri: as we await the president to make a statement, it seems to me the language in conservative circles hasotten pretty strong with talk is this next sunday in what will happen is this another watergat what is the scuttlebutt? >> it has happened so quickly we have a tough day for the press secretarjay
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carney onriday that is mostly focused on ben gauzy also we learn about the ternal revenue servi and later after the weekende learned of the associated press story with the department of justice looking at all collectivity. this is a matter of fear for activities even tonight eric colder testified on capitol hill and benghazi millstone on the press less than one hour ago another meeting th the treasury secretary to talk about the irs at 6:00. they said that. [laughter] gerri: 17 minutes late. is has been a tough week three scandals baekeland add roughly the same time but i want to focus back on the irs.
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is this a case wre events tell you there is simply too much bureaucracy? we have go to a flat tax and some voices say that tonight? >> they will specialize in that we need a simplified tax code a simplified tax system and that would make it tougher for bureaucrats to engage in thii type of misbehavior. gerri: if they are thehere they cannot enga in th behavior. great to hear your comments on this complicated topics. i want to return to rich edson. you were breaking out the many scandals that have broken this week. i don't think i have ever seen a week in my lifetime where there has be so many negative headlines for one
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president. whato you say? >> it is the amount that has happened so quickly that fact that ben gauzy has come to a headut especially in this administration we have not sen the whi house with issues like this dealing with a bad economy and a story that came all politicay here or there. but the dominant force in this president's white house has been a much slower onomy that republicans said over debts, deficits, taxes on the wealthy and now for the first time we see extract presidential issues come in that other administrations have faced and they have, at one time. gerri: we expect the president to be with us in one minute and as we await what could an important announcement.
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>> the press corps has been asking for days the details of the ig report and it started with the press secretary and if this is submitting to its the folks are looking for consequences but they have not outlined its. >> looking for concrete@ action we have heard calls for the resignation of the fbi and questions tonight about the bureaucracy and if the irs is out of control, what can be done to siderite some 90,000 employees at 2.5 trillion tax dollars this is an agency that most americans ar and they worry about them and not necessarily fans and tonight we expect president obama hlp us to understand and explain the scandal this looks like the
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prident coming outright now to the podium. >> i just finished speaking with secretary lew and officials at the treasury depamenn to discuss the investigation into iras personnel of improperly explained my iras grps for tax-exempt status i will take questions tomorrow but today i wanted to get out to all of you some information about what we're doing about this and what we are ing from here i every views -- review the report and the misconduct is inexcusable. and americans have a right to bengry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this behavior in any agency especially the irs and with the power that has in their reh that it has and all of
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our ves and should not matter what political stripe you are from but the fact of the matter is the irs has to operate with absolute integrity. the government generally has to conduct itself in a way that is true to the public trust inthat is esplly true for the irs. here is what we will do. we will hold e responsie parties accountable. yesterday i directed secretary le to follow up -- follow-up on the id audit and who is responsible to make sur we understand the facts. today secretaryou tepper step to request and accept the resignation of the acting commissioner of the irs because given the controversy surrounding the audit it is important to institute new leadership to help restore confidence going forward. second, we will put in place new safeguards to make sure
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this behavior cannot happen again and i have directed secretary of their to be ensuringt implents the ig recommendations right away. third, we will work with congssas it performs the oversight role and our administration has to make su we are working hand in hand with congress to get it fixed democrats and republicans to treat the authority with the responsibility it deserves that does not smack of because one thing you have seen across the board everybody believes what haened matt as reported in the ids report but it is fixable it is in the best terest to fix it. i will do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens aga. by holng responsible parties accountable and the
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new checks and safeguards going forward to make sure the laws apply as it should be in a fair and impartial way to make sure the laws are clear so we can have confidce that they are enforced in a fair and impartial way theis not too much ambiguity surrounding these laws. that is what i expect, that is what the american people deserv and that is what we will do. thank you verymuch. gerri: that was the president has in auickkbut inted statementand said the misconduct is inexcusable and treasury seetary to has accepted the resignation of the acting commissioner of the irsteve miller and we will begin implementing the recommendations in the ig report and i will do everytng to do make sure
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this can happen again he describes this as fixable. rich, what do you make of the comments? he starts off he will have a press conference tomorrow. weid not know that. if you look at this the question becomes how will the work with congress go? we now have the resignation of the actingrs commissioner steven miller d from here they go with the recommendations from the ig report for something that is in front of his face but if you look at the next apps -- steps word does the criteria come from who is responsible for conservative organizations? that is not known and the
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department of justice is investigating. we have 45 republicans request all information about this e-mail is coming from the ainistration having to do with this. let's see if the president is willing to work with congress a what request goes too far from the administration to deny which given the history of investation and you can imagine that will happen. gerri: a lot of unanswered questions and to ask for this in e first place? gerri: i went to bring back alan from ati. is this enough? i have the resignation of the acting commissioner bud does more neat to be done? is that the big thing that
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happened? >> in terms of resignation and there is obviously going toe other people involved that are more responsible than acting commissioner miller and the ultimate responsibility at the top of the agency but other people will be directly responsible and they needto be held accountable. and theresident mentioned onother thing to makeup was clear for the future to laydown guidelinenes of what the 501(c)4s allowed to do so you don't have the standards go up or down depending oo the democratic core republican or coervative for the parole group. gerri: we talked about that earlier there are 20 designations and it is very confusing and difficult to understand. but let me ask you this question the president sai i am ang, i won't tolerate this behavior is passed to operate with integrgrity.
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those are words that people have been waiting to hear. >> those are exactly the righwords ad while they're looking for this to be followed through it is my hope that is what will haen. gerri: we will be the year and go to break we used to live with a bear. [growl] we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in t front. drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanteto say, well,
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♪ rri: welcome back to "the willis report." we spent the first half ho tonight listening to the president and dissect his comments on the irs scandal. tonight the president had accepted the resignation of the acting commissioner of the irs, steve miller. he is gone. morehead's may roll. irs will implement findings from that report. the president saying i am angry, i won't tolerate this behavior.
9:32 pm
the irs has to operate with integrity. and of course his agency ppssibly more than any other federal agency touches the lives of every american. if you pay taxes, , you know abt the irs, and posbly the irs is a bit scary to you. the next guess we have is now lou dobbs. you listened to this four minutes conversaon for a president. what did you make of it? >> straightforward as you might expect, the president went on national television to tell us he is firing a guy who deserves to be fired, phaps more. i don't know. it isn't a decision that is going to resonate or stall h the internal renue service managed to get into the business of creating enemies and targeting conservatives in this
9:33 pm
country and this president did not speak out against the very atmosphere that had been created wi the internal revenue service. th is a president who is trying to save his posterior, and it is clearly the principal effort and it is also very clear that this president had something of an awakening over the course of the past 24 hours because we saw jay carney and the president talk about we had to find out re, they cap using the hypotheticals the irs had already admitted these egregio offenses phaps, criminal acts. gerri: it has en only days since the white house was saying the irs is independent. theyre separate fr us. it is not true. it is not true.
9:34 pm
let me ask you this because i'm interested in ur view on this. jack lew running treasury, treasury in charge of the irs, jack lew formally a polital operative. does this make sense to you? >> that the treasury secretary would be investigating o of his own department's no, this is absurd. i think the national liberal media is facing his first test tonight. this is an administration that declared war on american citizens. it has done so with in so many forms, but in using the irs, talk about how feared the irs is because of its extraordinary power, no american citizen should fear his or her government is respectable of what branch or agency. the fact this presidenchose to put as the fulcrum of obamacare the ternal revenue servic tells you a lot about his thinking, the policies that we can expect and the addition of
9:35 pm
16,500 agents. we are supposed to trust this president, this a ministration and this government? e you kidding me? gerri: well put. i want to hear who you have tonight's show. lou: we will bebe joined by dond rumsfeldo give us his pepective on who he believes is ultimaty responsible by the benghazi cover-up, the irs scandal and the justice department continued front agnst the first amendment with the seizure of the pho records of thessociated press. and we will be joined by democrats, one of th one of a gg number of democrats demanding answers on benghazi, irs and the scandal. all of tt and more athe top of the hour. gerri: thank you so much for coming on, we appreciate it. it has been busy show comment president speaking for three and half minutes, but a lot of news for us t cover.
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gerri: what is warren buffett buying and selling? we just found out. berkshire hathaway filed an update of its stock holdings. those talks are closely foowed by mual fund managers and individual investors. all looking for clues about warren buffett's investment strategy. here with us now to break it down, scott martin from asset management. thank you for coming on the show, love having you want. i will bre this down into three differentroups first
9:40 pm
starting with the tried and the true, the stocks warren buffett loves. american express, procter and gamble, coca-cola and viacom. no change in those holdings. what do you make of that list? >> it is pretty good. there are a lot of things he said over the years i appreciate. value is what you get. he is a big value guy. our favorite holding time is forever. if you look at the less companies you mentioned, you could conceivably hold those companies forever. this is something for all of us to take into consideration, a lot of the companies he invested in he knows theirbusiness, he uses their products. helps them see the plus and nus of owning those stocks. gerri: something you said about our investment horizon is forever. warren buffett sidestepped all of the problems because the companiis went bust and they
9:41 pm
went away in many cases, so down to brass tacks, what is warren buffett buying? wells fargo, a favorite of warren buffett. well-regarded, certainly more than a lot of the otherlays. walmart, direct tv and ibm. what is interesting there? >> the directv play. i see the satellite industry dying. that is the thing, there is new technology out there seemingly every month that seems to be attackg the traditional medm dium, directv is a ve interesting one. i'm glad he did not buy dish because directv is eating their lunch. i gus he is buying the best of the more questionable choices out there. gerri: and it comes banking,
9:42 pm
wells fargo. on the consumer side they're pretty well-regarded because of the way they do business with individual americans. in terms of how people in the industry think of wells fargo, are th as well rgarded as jpmorgan, bank of america? how do the insiders think abt it? >> i think they are maybe a little less than the level with the her companies but maybe that is a good thing. how great is jamie dimon's fe over the last two months? not fun. :-) that is good for wells fargo. they are killing it in a in the mortgage space, the leaders. that is with the houng market, and back a great reason to be in them, i think. gerri: the levels were so small it probably was not warren buffett himself doing it. the defense play. is that a surprise to you? >> a little bit.
9:43 pm
a littleit of a surprise because you figure with the migration to the alternate energy sources with corn and ethano would be a big play, but that has not come arnd. he is due to have a couple of bad ones. general dynamic a cutback in defense spending has hurt. he is bound to have a couple that go awrwry. gerri: scott does not own, trade or do investment banking business with any of these companies. thank you for cong on, thank you so much for the help tonight. the lone star state,e, texas is stepping onto a list of top markets for new home sales. texas has four of the top 10 selling markets, four of the top 10 for new homes including number one, houston. here to help us understand this housing boom, joining me now from dallas. i have to tell y, i'm t surprised with texas doing well.
9:44 pm
no state income tax, these are people who know how to do it well and it seems all of corporate america is moving to the lone star state. it s been a prey amazing w years and it is beginning to heat up. the critics say may be bcome overheated. some say the market may be overvalued a it. if you look at the economy, everything is going great. houston is the center for petroleum, natural gas, like your previous guest mentioned a lot of the banksave mortgage servicing shop here. we have so many tech companies at dallas-fort worth people e floong into the state. will too many people flood into the state? poteially, but the big proem i have is supply restraint. you are facing a bidding war.
9:45 pm
gerri: austin remains very attractive, you go to austin, you want to move to austin. e ofhe reans why i think the hoing market has room to go, they havhad 19% growth of stem jobs. 19%, the medianaly in those industes, a $2000 if you are an enginr d make a lot more money than that. is that helping to propel growth there? >> what do they need and want at those nice salaries, they are looking to buy the nice homes. the thing is they are not unique to that one stor. they are a b high. civil engineering jobs are up 12%, t we're seeingains in most things. there ara few indicators things are a bit hot.
9:46 pm
we are getting it a lot of influx of unskilled labor and the state. there is ao the issue that permits, homes that are going to be built, peoplfiling for permits is slowing down, but it seems every week a new mortgage banker, rtgage lending division is opening up a retail sh somewhere in texas. gerri: foreclosures remain high in texas. why is that? >> i'm not a texas native but i wi say it was explained to me when i bghmy house there is no pay, no state clause, they don't mess around down here, they will kick you out of your house as soon as you are 90 days delinquent and that is bad for borrowers. there is not a recourse you see in other judicial states, but they do not mess aroundere.
9:47 pm
the lender can boot you out and sendt on to the next person. gerri: it put a floor under the market because you don't have this experience as you have in interest of the country where it is a clog of people who weren't going anywhere anytime sn, the bas had to sit with the mortgages on their books and the enti market 90 days, maybe that makes sense. thank you for comi on the show, great to see you. >> tnk you so much. rri: my two cents on the interior department, and bad credit can keep you from buying a home, even getting a job. what causes bad credit and how you can fix it.
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at od, whatever siness you're in, that's the business we're in th premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world ke promises.
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gerri: your impeccable credit, wiped out from a simple mistake
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gerri: bad credit doesn't just happen to deadbeats. maybe your credit agency is screwed up, but now it is up to you to fix your credit. always great to see you, you have such a great name. gerr letts speak about this, on the deadbeats have bad credit, but that is not true, is >> that is not true. six months late in a row and i
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wasn't late, this could happen to anyone. gerri: what does it mean to people which mark >> it is very important. consumers who have a prime credit score versus those who have an average credit score on a 30-year mortgage you are talking $250,,00 loan, $20,000 over the course of a loan. so there can be a big difference with even just a few points difference. gerri: that is just money out of your pocket. it pays to build your credit if you can. let's talk aboutreilding your credit. check the credit report and your scores, what am i looking for? >> go to get all three, if there is a mistake on one, you want to catch it right away. get a free credit score at
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what you're looking ats what is strong, what is not strong, what do i needo work on improving. gerri: one of the things people don't think about is the further a payment history is, the better off your score will bif you are doing the right things now. >> somebody has bebeen through foreclosure or bankruptcy, something really negative, can't have credit for seven to 10 years. not true. provided you are building current positive references. get back on the wagon again, build positive ferences. gerri: if you're going to do it in a certainrder, wha with his order you would do it in? >> pay off the credit card closest to the limit first becae a third of the credit score is the debt you pay and
9:54 pm
how cle are u on your individual credit cards? most peoe think as long as i stay below 50% of the available credit i am okay. psycho says the be scores goes to those who use 10% of available credit on their credit card. gerri: early mentioned building positiveredit references, but how do you do that? >> if you don't have a credit card currency and you have been through something really bad, go through a secured card. because the credit limit is low, you want to make sure you keep the balance is really low on that card. a securecard is better than a prepaid card. reported to the credit bureau, prepaid cards do not. gerri: tell us if i have a problem and i am going to fix it, how long is it going to take to repair that credit? >> if it was a mistake, you can
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see significant improvement in as little as 18 months if you are very proactive about making sure that everything now gets paid on time. gerri: thank you for coming on, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you. gerri: wwill all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked.
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that drives and more destructive than law enforcement that they are exempt in they have radios dios, phones, computers that all deman attentn if they can multitask so en and civilians. >> can the government ever leave social security alone? instead of always dping their fingers to the till to leave a deficit and some of programs should be left one and they would easily survived. never put anything on facebook or anywhere else that is only smi private you would not want your employer to see. is seems that people put nasty things out there about their employers to lose their job and they do not want employers bad mouthing their business i think employers can check facebook and twitter to use it against a bad employee.
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d final waste fraud and abuse the department of interior spending hal a million of your taxpayer dollars to train fish to recognize and avoid predators. i cannot trade my husband to take up the garbage but the government sees the things differently the objective is to see if it increases the of survival rate of the sucker fish found in the colorado river. it includes upon restoration and intensive predator avoidance training and in remote sensing to account for survival rates. the grant will be activated june 22nd. how do fish avo creditors before theegovernment came to the rescue? another government gone wild and that is my a $0.2. be hit "consumer reports" editor and top-rated luxury
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sports cars you will love it. you don't want to miss it and that is it for "the willis report" don forget to do gdthe show. have a great night. lou: good evening tha you for being with us breaking news on three major scandals posing a threat to the obama administration, the irs, benghazi and the department of justice assault on the first amendment rights of the associated press. we begin with the brewing i.r. scandal president obama speaking moments ago after he met with senior treasury officials on the i.r.a. situation and confirming the personnel changes are of the way. >> we will hold the responsible parties countable and just today i directed secretary lew to follow-up on